Where food trends intersect
Opportunity Arises

Convenience, taste, nutrition and cost are the axes around which the food industry pivots. Innovate where these trends intersect, and you’re in an ideal position to capitalize on the most powerful forces influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. That’s the strategy behind an innovation, developed and tested over half a decade, that can make a significant impact on a manufacturer that serves the CPG market as well as the QSR brands for whom they produce custom products.

The Patented, Proven Way to Build a
Better Waffle Sandwich

  After 35 years selling millions of waffles as a restaurateur, Brian Fast founded Waff-N-Roll in 2011 to develop what the burgeoning waffle-sandwich market lacked - frozen waffle products that offer convenience, nutrition and preferred flavor attributes.

Waff-N-Roll’s patented waffle-plate technologies and versatile artisan-batter recipes integrate easily with all industrial high-speed waffle-manufacturing equipment. The resulting crisp, pliable, and airy waffle shells don’t break at the seams or become unwieldy like a triple-decker sandwich. Their flavor can be tailored to complement specific fillings. And consumers, including patrons of Waff-N-Roll’s R&D food truck from 2013 – 2016, found the frozen, re-toasted product indistinguishable from freshly baked. Validated by 40 months of testing on the food truck, this concept earned Yelp’s “Top 5 Pick” rating for three consecutive years, serving diverse audiences across Southern California. To make the most of today’s most significant food industry trends, Waff-N-Roll technology is the missing ingredient for vigorous category growth.