Fast is preparing WNR to be at the forefront of this emerging market. 

In late 2016, WNR will conduct additional proof of product tests by introducing our platforms in selected resorts, colleges, and restaurants.


We are excited to see the potential of the platforms in diverse environments and business models.  The mass appeal and the range of flavor combinations will only be limited by the imagination of the chefs and operators.  


Fast has one issued patent and numerous waffle-related trademarks.  A second patent is pending and a third patent application is in development.  He also obtained an NSF certification to provide WNR and its future partners with significant barriers-to-entry and speed-to-market advantages.


To move the business to the next level WNR is interested in discussions with a variety of potential partners and strategic alliances – from chain operators in the hospitality industry, to established dry-mix manufacturers, to conglomerates with high-speed frozen waffle facilities and distribution capabilities.